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Welcome to the Auction Showcase - on this page we offer a glimpse of some of the items that will be included in our forthcoming auction. These figures may be offered alone or in a group. Their place in the auction will be announced when the catalogue for the auction is finalised.


GI Joe Nightforce - Muskrat and Spearhead & Max

The ever popular GI Joe range spawned numerous store exclusives over its lengthy run. One concept that played out over a number of ranges was to repaint characters and vehicles to create "teams". One team and exclusive range was the Nightforce range. Sold at Toys R Us in America these were a range of two packs and vehicles.

We will be offering two of the two-packs in our auction, both from series 2. Click here to see the photo.

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The Simpsons (Mattel) - Maggie

When The Simpsons first took to the airwaves in 1990 the merchandise flooded the market. All sorts of products featuring the family, especially Bart were released to cash in on the success. Toys were not left out. Mattel obtained the licence and produced one series focussing on the family, Nelson and Bartman. Maybe it was the tidal wave of products that over-hyped the market and prevented sufficient sales to continue to a second series.

That would change in 2000 when Playmates commenced their run on the Simpsons which saw over 100 Springfield inhabitants produced in figure form.

Mars Attacks! - Martian Ambassador

In 1996 Tim Burton directed Mars Attacks on to the big screen. A small toy line, proliferated with Martians, was released by Trendmasters.

We will offer a pair of Martians being the Martian Ambassador and the Martian Trooper. Click here for picture of the lot.

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Shogun Warriors - Godzilla & Raydeen


Shogun Warriors are the big daddies of all action figures. Measuring an unbelievable 24” (60cm) these giant toys were released by Mattel in the late 1970’s. Manufactured in Japan of polyethylene, six figures were released - Raydeen, Mazinga, Gaiking, Dragun, Daimos & Godzilla. They were all inspired by earlier Popy Toy Company of Japan versions, where these giant robots are known as Jumbo Machinders. The Jumbo Machinders and smaller “Chogokin” diecast versions were the forerunners of the legendary Transformers line of toys. They were hugely popular in Japan, and then swept the west when Mattel released the “westernised” versions in 1979. These toys are very difficult to locate today, especially boxed, as their size meant they were often thrown away by over zealous parents during spring cleaning!

The auction will feature two of these sought-after toys, a Raydeen with box and 1x Delta Wing firing missile, and a Godzilla complete with detachable tail, firing fist and Box.

Click here for larger picture of Godzilla!Click here for larger picture of Raydeen!

Star Wars Vintage - Jabba the Hutt

Perhaps the biggest puppet of the original trilogy was Jabba the Hutt. Kenner released a great likeness of Jabba along with his platform with smoking equipment and a dungeon for the Rancor's victims. Coming with Jabba was court jester, Salacious Crumb.

Jabba will be offered, loose but complete, along with other loose mini-rigs and Max Rebo.

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Marvel Legends - Chase figures

Marvel Legends has been a very popular range in recent years. One reason for its popularity has been the insertion of chase figures into the line up. These figures a generally repaints of one of the characters in the assortment and will be only inserted in selected cases of the range. This would ensure they are not found in every box that ships from the factory.

In series 10, also known as the Sentinel Series, two variants were offered, X-Men's Cyclops and Angel. Both featured repaints. The pair will be offered together in the auction.

Click here for picture of Angel and Cyclops!

Star Wars - Vintage - IG-88 12"

A range of 12" Star Wars figures was produced from 1977 through to 1980. The 12" line was perhaps short lived given the eight year life of the small figure range (3.75"). It featured ten figures from Star Wars and later two figures from The Empire Strikes Back. Two bounty hunters were chosen to represent The Empire Strikes Back, fan favourite Boba Fett and IG-88. The decision was made by Kenner to abandon the 12" despite having prototyped a number of Empire Strikes Back characters and new uniforms. That saw limited distribution of the bounty hunters and they have remained highly sought after.

The auction will feature a loose IG-88 in great condition with all its accessories. More 12" figures to be included in the auction will be announced soon. Keep checking the Showcase.

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Terminator 2 - The Final Battle

A massive hit of the early 1990's was the first Terminator sequel. Spawning an action figure range by Kenner it also saw a number of other movie tie-ins. Pictured here is a punching toy set the battles the T-800 model against the T-1000. The set was manufactured by Remco.

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Star Wars - Vintage - Loose 3.75" figures

Back in 1977 George Lucas brought us a little film called Star Wars. Most know the story of how much merchandising has come with each film but back in 1977 it was a risky venture a then small toy company called Kenner decided to take on. The success of the movie made the figure line a massive winner.

For the first time Auction Figures will include over 50 loose vintage loose Star Wars figures in our next auction. Click here to see the photo of some of them. Many come with weapons and capes. More details of the characters on offer will be released soon!

Click on photo for larger shot!

Lord of the Rings - Boromir vs Lurtz

Peter Jackson's epic Lord of the Rings came to our screens in December 2001. A range of incredibly detailed action figures were released by ToyBiz, known better for their comic book and animated figures. After a slowish start the desirability of the line went up significantly over the months after release. The original Fellowship series became harder and harder to find as The Two Towers range was released late 2002. Shown here is the Boromir and Lurtz two-pack. This was the only place to find Boromir during the initial run of Fellowship of the Ring figures.


Star Trek (Galoob) - Q

The late 1980s saw the return to Star Trek with the launch of the Next Generation. Galoob acquired the toy licence and produced a first series of Enterprise crew members from the first season such as Captain Picard, Data, Worf and Lt Yar. To follow these figures they then produced a second series of aliens. This series of four figures featured the major recurring character Q as well as Ferengi, Antican and Selay. Receiving a much smaller distribution than the first series these four figures remain tough to find. Despite the TV series success the line faded and it was three years later when Playmates picked up the licence and brought Star Trek back to the toy shelves. Click here to see the set of four aliens.

Click photo to see picture of the Alien assortment!

Kingdom Come - Superman

Alex Ross's vision of Kingdom Come was brought to life in a stunning three series range of figures by DC Direct. Series 1 featured one of the first Superman figures ever to be produced by DC Direct as until this time the rights for both Batman and Superman characters had rested soley with Kenner/Hasbro.

The Ross fan base and the newness of DC Direct actually producing a Superman figure created a highly sought after figure.


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